Capital Base Wealth Management & Trust Software

The Most Comprehensive
Wealth Management
Front Office Software

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Trust Account Compliance Workflows
• Wealth Management Sales & Service Workflows
• Enterprise Referral Management
• Accounting System Integration

All baked into one system or integrated with others!

Already have a CRM?
(That's Ok)

1.   CapitalBase can convert your existing CRM!


2.   Our Account Workflows & Onboarding can integrate with your existing CRM!

Serving Financial Institutions
since 2004

• Bank Trust Departments
• Trust Companies
• Family Offices
• Foundations
• Other Financial Institutions

Deep Workflows for Wealth Management

• Admin & Reg 9 Reviews
• Client & Account Onboarding
• Compliance Workflows
• Incentive Management
• and much more

Flexible, Swift, Custom

• Built on Java Technologies for Ultimate Flexibility
• Phased Implementations - No Consultants Needed
• No Installation Needed - Completely Thin-Client
• Unlimited Configurations!